Welcome Fall Semester 2020

Can't wait to see everyone at our first (virtual) meeting of the year!!

MSU Paranormal Society

Meeting ID: 999 2580 2409


Friday the 21st Investagtion


This Friday, we plan on checking out the Civil War museum. We will be talking about it at tonight's meeting. 

Welcome back 2020


Welcome back, everyone! Tonight is our werewolf night, where we talk about the kind of werewolf found in pop culture and folklore.

Horror Movie


This week we are bringing out the scares in the movies! Join us as a way to relax.

Friday is the USS Edson


Friday investigation is at the USS Edson a haunted ship. Bring warm gear since there is no heat.

First investigation this friday the 13th.


The first investigation is this Friday the 13th. Come to this weekly meeting to learn how to use the equipment and more on where we are going!

Welcome Back 2019


Welcome back to the fall of 2019! Hope everyone summer went well. Our first meeting will be on September 4th @8pm in Bessey Hall. Hope to see you all there.


Stay spooky!

MSU Paranormal 

Welcome to our new site!

August 13, 2013

Here we will post all news related to our organization.  As the new year is just around the corner here at State, we look forward to meeting new people and helping those we can with investigations. 




Tylor Letson


MSU Paranormal Society

Welcome Back 2017!


Welcome back to another amazing year here at MSU! I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for another spooky year with the MSU Paranormal Society. 

We have so many great things planned for you this year, but our first meeting is going to be Wednesday September 6th! We will be giving a brief overview of who we are and what we do, as well as introduce our new E-board. We'll also go over the schedule for September with you guys and, most importantly, we will be giving a big welcome to all our new members, and reunite with all our returning members. As always, we will head over to Buffalo Wild Wings after the meeting. Hope to see everyone there! 

Stay Spooky, 

MSU Paranormal Society 

Welcome Back Fall 2018!


Hope everyone had a great summer!

It's the start of a new semester, which means our first meeting back is going to be this Wednesday, September 5 at 8pm in Bessey Hall.

This is going to be a great year, filled with fun meetings, events, and cool investigations planned! We're happy to be able to reunite with the returning members, and looking forward to meeting incoming members on Wednesday!

Stay Spooky, 

MSU Paranormal Society 

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About Us

Welcome to the home of the MSU Paranormal Society. Our group was founded in December of 2009 and is hoping to grow with your help.

We are a group of diverse and unique individuals who have an interest in the paranormal world. By participating in meetings and investigations, we hope to grow as a group of investigators, and as individuals as well.

Be sure to check out all of the interesting information on our page and join our other online groups on Facebook. Links can be found under the Connect with Us tab. 

Our Eboard


Our eboard consists of 4 senior members of the organization.  Each with experiences in different fields, they all bring a little something to the organization as a whole.



We offer services that include:

Overnight Investigations

Lectures on paranormal topics

Weekly meetings located on the campus of Michigan State University

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